Great Moments in Leadership - Legacy

In the beginning, I was asked by leading pastors in our city to plant a church in the vacant building of an abandoned church. In that first year, I saw a young teenager make the decision to trust in Christ and had the privilege of baptizing him. I watched him mature and then serve God and the church. Twenty-six years, later he called me to share how he was now pastoring that church we started. A decade after that call he is now the longest tenured pastor of that church start. I reminisce and realize "I have a legacy."

In the Bible, John, at the end of his life, the only remaining Apostle and friend of Jesus alive in the first century, said, "I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4 (HCSB) What a great privilege to see the legacy we leave when we are faithful. 

I came to know Christ without any spirituality or church background. Knowing Christ was a decision I made as a young adult. I was fortunate enough to marry a young lady whose grandfather had pastored for over fifty years of his life. When he moved near us in his retirement, I would listen to his stories and advice. I didn't fully appreciate it until years later when we moved into the neighborhood where he had pastored for the majority of his life. Besides pastoring, he had authored a history book of cooperating Baptist churches in our city. I began meeting people he had ministered to, baptized, officiated weddings and funerals, ordained as deacons. I saw the lives and generations he had touched. Still today, I will randomly receive a newspaper clipping or picture and hear about something he did. I reminisce and realize for him "I am a legacy."

This is neither a scientific or exhaustive account of the legacies in my life, just the reminiscences of a veteran leader. 

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