Little Cabin on the Lake

By Charlotte Goodrum

I used to pray and ask God to give me a “little cabin on a lake.”  I would get up early in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, sit at my “morning table” (otherwise called a kitchen table) and look out onto the lake through a big, beautiful picture window. Wow, what a dream. We sold a house we had lived in for 14 years in order to purchase more land and build the house of our dreams. Of course after selling our house we had to move out of it.  Imagine the new owners wanting to move into their new house...?  Hmmm... We needed a place to live while we were building the dream house and were having no luck finding a place because we lived in a very small farming community. There were no apartments or houses to rent out in the country. Finally, a good friend offered to rent us a place he had on a lake. Oh, my “little cabin.”   I got just what I had prayed for. Well, the cabin turned out to be a 14-foot wide mobile home. It was only one year old, had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, carpet, and it was on a lake. Here I come “little cabin on a lake.”  Here I come!

However, the true luxuries and amenities of our new abode were yet to be discovered.

The first discovery was water. Now water is a good discovery, since it is essential to life. You need it for important things like drinking, cooking, cleaning the house, as well as yourself, and washing clothes. There’s one of the optimal words, washing. I don’t know about you, but I like my clothes to come out of the washer the same color they went in. At least that was generally my idea of clothes washing. However, do you know what happens when you put white clothes (or any other light color) into a washer of yellow water? Yep, you guessed it, the clothes came out yellow! One Saturday I was just washing away and then suddenly, as I pulled some clothes out of the washer to put into the dryer, I noticed the whites were no longer white. We now had dingy t-shirts, socks and under clothes; and I couldn’t wash it out. I couldn’t bleach it out because the water was brownish yellow and no amount of bleach will cure that problem. Upset? Was I upset? You bet I was, extremely! This was just the beginning of my adventure with my “little cabin on a lake.”

Have you ever made chili with lake water? Well, I have and believe me you don’t want to do it. Oh my heavens to Betsy bugs, what a disgusting taste. The lake water was being pumped into the pipes, and no one could seem to find out why and stop it. Of course after one taste the entire pot was thrown out and back into the lake.  I hope the alligators enjoyed their supper that night.  So now, we were not only taking our clothes to be washed, we were also hauling in gallons of water to be used for cooking, drinking, brushing our teeth and washing our faces. Too bad we couldn’t haul in enough water for the showers. Stars in heaven, I had to shower in water that fish, frogs, snakes, alligators, and who knows what else lived in.  Disgusting.

Then, there was the next discovery, fleas; yes, fleas! As a matter of fact, I have never heard of or seen an infestation as acute as what we had. Even the pest control man was in shock. When he called me to report his findings, he stated he had seen something that bad before but not in a long time.  Someone else must have asked God for a “little cabin on a lake.”  I had to take the dog to the vet to live for several days. He needed to be treated for fleas, so he wouldn’t die from the blood loss. Oh wow, how lovely it is to wake each morning feeling like you live at fishing or hunting camp.

We must be careful what we pray for because we just might get it. I truly believe God loves to laugh, and I know He had a great time as I learned to enjoy the blessing of my “little cabin on a lake.”  Well, the fleas were vanquished in about 2 weeks, the dog didn’t die, and the problem with the lake water coming into the mobile home was finally discovered and fixed. Of course it was fixed a week before we moved out (we lived there for a year), but at least it was fixed for the next tenant. Praying with only ourselves and our wants in mind can lead to all kinds of new experiences, which we don’t exactly bargain for. However, praying selflessly, earnestly and faithfully for God to reveal His work, will open our eyes and heart to the abundant life He has planned for us here on earth.

Psalm 119:17-19 HCSB
Deal generously with your servant so that I might live; then I will keep your word. Open my eyes so that I may contemplate wonderful things from your instruction. I am a stranger on earth; do not hide your commands from me.

Charlotte Goodrum / Member FBC 11 yrs
She is a greeter, sings in choir, and is one of the leaders for First Connection Single Adult Ministry.

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