First Baptist Church Tomball recently received an award from the IMB (International Mission Board) for our 2014 Lottie Moon Offering.  The Manchuria Challenge Award recognizes churches that give over $100 per capita to the offering.  It represents only 2 percent of the 50,000 churches that comprise the Southern Baptist Convention.  Why a "Manchuria Challenge?"  Lottie Moon died on December 24, 1912 on a ship named the Manchuria.  Weighing only 50 pounds, she was carried aboard to return to America to be nursed back to health.  She had given everything, including her own food, to her beloved Chinese people.

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering supports 4,700-plus foreign missionaries and their families as they spread the gospel around the world.  First Baptist Church gave $41,789 towards the 2014 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

The award was presented to Pastor James Clark by Joe and Julie Silby who are serving as IMB Missionaries in Prague.

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