We Are Not Promised Tomorrow

By Nancy McDade, Church Member

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to North Carolina where I visited longtime friends and family. As I had to leave and return to Texas, I felt a heavy burden on my heart having to be far away from many people that I love and very dear to me. Recently, I was diagnosed with cysts on my liver. Since being told this, I have come to realize how very precious life is. It has made me realize that even on what I might call a bad day, it is still a good day. It is another day that God has breathed life into me. It is another day to tell someone that I love them. It is another day to hold my sweet little boys and tell them how special they are.

Now each time I leave family in North Carolina, I realize how much I love them and hope to see them again, God willing. We are not promised tomorrow no matter how healthy or unhealthy we think we are. When faced with thoughts of leaving this world, it was the people I love that mattered to me and NOTHING else. I did not care about finances, material possessions, vacations, jobs, or anything other than the people that I cherish. I just wanted to be close to those that I love.

Today, on what I will call an “ordinary day," I was sitting on the couch when I heard a loud bang. It was so loud it literally sounded like a gun went off. As I turned around and looked out the back yard window, I saw feathers flying. Aidan, my son, said to me, "Mommy, a bird just hit the window." Well, he was right. I looked outside and there on the ground was a lifeless bird. As I looked at the bird, I said a small prayer asking God, "What is the purpose of that poor, beautiful bird suffering a sudden death like that?" I felt God whisper the answer into my heart. This is what He said, "On just an ordinary day, life here can end. You are not promised tomorrow.” Tell this to those that you love. You may not get tomorrow to tell them. Ask them if they know Jesus? If not, tell them they can. It is simple and requires no work on their part. Jesus has paid the price. All you must do is accept the free gift of His salvation through His son Jesus.

John 3:16 HCSB -"For God so loved the world in this way:   He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life."

Many of you who are reading this have already asked Jesus into your heart.  Chances are you probably know someone who is not saved. Don't be like I have been for many years, COMPLACENT.  I am not one to preach a sermon and do not feel qualified to preach anything, really. I am certainly far from being perfect. On most days, I am actually a mess. But, because I love the Lord and He has been so good to me, I am writing this anyway. I hope it speaks to someone's heart.

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