You Are There


By Charlotte S. Goodrum


Oh God, You are my God and You are the jewel of my life.  Nothing I could ever own and nothing I could ever do can fill my heart with the joy I possess when I am close to You.


Each step I take, You are there.  Each breath I breathe, You are there.  When I am high on a mountain or low in a valley, I turn around and You are there.  When I stumble, fall, and cannot pick myself back up, I look up and You are there.  You extend Your hand down to me from heaven and I reach up ever so slightly to grasp it and I see, You are there. 


I feel Your presence, I see Your glory and yes, O God, You are there.  You gently pick me up, dust me off, and put me firmly back on my feet again.  You softly touch my face, gently kiss my head, and say, “Here you go my child, rise up and try again.” 


Oh God, yes, You are my God and I will worship You and praise You forever because You are there. 



“…And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20



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