What should I wear? Where do I park?
Is there something for my kids?
Will I find a seat?

Maybe you are returning to church, or coming to church for the very first time. Or, maybe you're an active church member who just moved to town and needs to find a new church home. Whatever your story may be, you probably have a lot of questions before you visit First Baptist Church Tomball.

What do I wear?

You'll see people in everything from shorts to suits on Sundays. Our concern isn't what's on the outside, but what's on the inside. Come as you are. Besides, Jesus accepts us as we are when we come to Him. Why shouldn't we?

Where do I park?

Guest parking is available in our south parking lot near the Worship Center entrance. General parking is also available in other parts of the campus. Refer to the campus map to see where each of these options is located.

Is there anything for my children?

Of course! We have Sunday options for newborns through high school seniors, including special times of Bible Study and Worship designed just for them:

  • KIDZ Worship is for Kindergarten through 4th graders during the 11:00 am Worship Service
  • Bible Foundations/Study is available for Infants through 6th grade at 9:30 am
  • Worship Kare is for Infants - Pre-K and is available during 9:30 and 11:00 am Worship Services
  • Student Bible Study is for 7th grade through 12th graders at 9:30 am

By the way, if you're wondering about your college students or single adult children, we have options for them, too! Check out our GAP Bible Study class for Graduates and Professionals at 9:30 am.

How will I find a Bible study?

Take a look at our online listing of classes. That could give you some idea as to where you might want to go. On Sunday, stop by the First Friends Cafe which is located in the Welcome Center in the foyer of our Worship Center. A Welcome Team member can show you a listing of Sunday Bible studies, including a map of where each one is located.

Your campus is large. How will I find my way around?

The best way is to stop by the Guest Center located in the front foyer of our Worship Center. Our Welcome Team members would love to show you where you're going -- and even walk with you to make sure you find your way. On top of that, there are campus maps with a list of Bible study options available in the Guest Center.

In the church I grew up in, some people had "their" seats. What if I sit in somebody's special seat?

No worries. Sit wherever you want. Nobody has a claim on a seat. In fact, we'll even let you save seats for your family and friends!