Inviting others into a life changing relationship with Jesus
one conversation at a time


Our passion is simple...We want to invite others into a life changing relationship with Jesus and we believe we can do that best by having one conversation at a time. Meeting Jesus changed everything for us. Learning that God’s love was for us and that it was available to anyone began a new day for us. Don’t be surprised, we are flawed. There is no perfection here. Our hope is not in what we are able to do, but what God can do through us. We want everyone we know and meet to have the chance to experience the amazing life and hope that is found through faith in Christ.

First Baptist Church Tomball was founded in 1909. While the organization has been around for over 100 years, each day brings new adventures as we live in relationship with God and one another. Our heart is reflected in the values we practice. We strive to be Biblically Focused. Simply put we believe the Scriptures are inspired by God and are practical for the way we live our lives. Conducting business, learning at school, playing in a park or going to church, the Bible guides us and is the filter we use to understand our world. Changed Lives drives us. Our lives were changed, and we believe the love and grace of God can change any life. We gather for worship, friendship and Bible Study then deploy into our worlds to share the hope that is found exclusively in Jesus. Every week we enjoy the Authentic Relationships that are a part of our ministry. The people of First Baptist Church are real people. We always love one another. We rejoice together, and we grieve together. Friendship is a huge priority for us. Those three values enable us to be a people who have and demonstrate Generous Hearts. Whether we give of our time or resources we believe we are stewards or managers of the resources God has given us. It is exciting to be a part of something so different from the world we live in and catalytic to be in such a positive environment. This is the work that only God in His love can accomplish.

If you drop in sometime, you will find a generationally mixed group of people. There are age group specific ministries for everyone. We worship together. We grow together. We serve together, and we reach out to the people around us, you guessed it, together. Children have activities and Bible Study in an age graded fashion, so they can succeed in discovering faith. Students can find peer groups and strength to journey through their teenage years. Adults find friends who will pray and support you through all life stages. Our oldest give us wisdom and experience love and care when life gets a little more difficult.

We are on FaceBook, Instagram, YouVersion and always expanding. You can subscribe to email updates through the website. The website, fbctomball.org, is a great source of information. Of course, we believe the best interaction is in person. We will be glad to help you find a Bible Study or life group to connect with. Worship services on Sunday become the largest expression of our community. Feel free to join us. We have encouraging worship experiences to prepare us for the week. The teaching is always a practical application of the Bible. Faith makes sense. We teach and live in that reality. If you are away from the region you can still connect with us. Services are on our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/c/firstbaptistchurchtomball.



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