Come Back to Life This Easter at First Baptist Church Tomball

     Life has so much more than most of us experience or realize.  As a kid, I would climb tall, high altitude mountains with my father.  At the base, the peak was not always fully visible because of the cloud cover.  Even as an adult, I still remember the thrill and awe when we would move forward and above the clouds and see the amazing beauty of the crystalline sky, brilliant sun, radiant snow and tapestry of colors.  My father, with the assistance of prior experience, knew what I would see if I trusted his leadership.
     Your friends at First want to share the overwhelming experience of a full and meaningful life.  Jesus stated without hesitation or wavering that His purpose was to make sure we could "have life and have it in abundance."  This Easter we will trust for the first time, we will reminisce about His love, we will discover the fullest experience of life and we will come back to life.  Jesus would first give His life, lay it down for us and pay the penalty of our sin; then, in unforeseen glory, raise to life again.  He did this so we could come back to life, experience life, all of life.  Now and forever.

Looking forward to being with you this Easter.

James Clark, Senior Pastor